Zoe Plus 2

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Zoe the cat and her two roommates, Miles and Mister, have been birthed into comic existence. Below is the entire collection starting at the debut on 1-1-2010 and working down towards the current issue. You can always skip to the current issue by going to my home page where they get uploaded every day.

Zoe Plus 2 1-1-2010

Zoe, Miles, and Mister are born into comic existence.

Zoe plus 2 1-2-2010

Miles gets into the garbage.

Zoe Plus 2 1-3-2010

Miles and Mister search for the meaning of life.

Zoe Plus 2 1-4-2010

Miles and Mister disagree about winter.

Zoe Plus 2 1-5-2010

Brrr. Winter's deep freeze has set in.

the plan


Zoe plus 2 1-10-2010

Zoe shows some deeply buried instincts

monday 1-11-2010

zoe enjoys the high contrast of winter

Miles gets ready for the day

mister puts on a good face



the gang discovers the radio

the spirit of jazz

the Nemesis


Mister and Zoe generate a distraction

Miles has lost it

Miles worries Zoe and Mister with his over excitement over a ball

Zoe helps miles with his addiction

miles has a dream

shaken by a bad dream

Mister recalls his own nightmare

Zoe recalls when her nightmare began

Mister points out human's repetative rituals

slippery outside

The gang decides to play a game


The Anticipation...

waiting room

The shot that hurt so bad that it did not hurt at all.

Angle Grinder

Hello NURSE!

Drama queen


any squirrels?

eye candy

A murder of crows

Soooo hungry

Cat-food with wings

The inevitable loss


Stealth kitty

evil warrior dog

The Attack

  1. ron Chamberlain
    02/25/2010 at 6:53 pm

    Keep it up, my son. I’m hooked.

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