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Zoe Plus 2 #48

03/01/2010 2 comments

The Attack


Zoe Plus 2 #47

03/01/2010 1 comment

evil warrior dog

Zoe Plus 2 2-21-2010 process

02/21/2010 1 comment


A deadly game of chicken

The final inking with dialog inserted:

"Chicken" final ink.

Rough pencil with partial ink:

Note the change in the first panel of the second strip from a shot of the throttle to an exhaust close-up.  I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out in the end.  Much more dynamic.

pencil process

Zoe Plus 2 2-20-2010

The inevitable loss

Zoe Plus 2 2-19-2010

Cat-food with wings

I had a lot of fun with the center frame of today’s strip.  Sometimes it amazes me how motivated I can be to draw things I’ve never drawn before.  Breaking up the hum-drum of drawing the same characters day in and out really is what makes this fun.

Zoe Plus 2 2-18-2010

Soooo hungry

Zoe plus 2 2-15-2010

any squirrels?