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Zoe Plus 2 #48

03/01/2010 2 comments

The Attack


Zoe Plus 2 #47

03/01/2010 1 comment

evil warrior dog

Zoe Plus 2 issue 46

Well it appears that editing all of my previous issues is taking more time than expected. For the past several days I’ve been resizing, editing dialog, and polishing each and every issue of Zoe Plus Two in preparation for syndication. Either way, here is issue 46.

Stealth kitty

Zoe Plus 2 2-20-2010

The inevitable loss

Zoe Plus 2 2-19-2010

Cat-food with wings

I had a lot of fun with the center frame of today’s strip.  Sometimes it amazes me how motivated I can be to draw things I’ve never drawn before.  Breaking up the hum-drum of drawing the same characters day in and out really is what makes this fun.

Zoe Plus 2 2-18-2010

Soooo hungry

Zoe Plus 2 2-17-2010

A murder of crows